My name is Adam Fafinski, I live in Nottingham – England and I’m self-taught, freelance photographer. I was born in the town of Myslowice in the southern part of Poland and settled in the UK in 2005.
My camera background is simple and quite similar to many other contemporary photographers.
Thanks to the digital era and easy access to cheap compact cameras – around the year 2006 I joined the large crowd of “backyard snapshooters” along with about 90% of the population, and spent most of my time taking lots of pictures of anything I could find, without going into much detail.
After a couple of years of studying wonderful pictures taken by other photographers, as well as my own curiosity about various camera parameters and the technical aspects of taking photos – helped persuade me to buy my first DSLR, followed by learning the secrets of the digital darkroom and strobe lighting.
In the following years my taste evolved and turned into a fascination in portrait photography which is at the moment most valuable and inspiring
category for me.
I spend most of my free time looking for inspirations by exploring community websites, browsing and analysing images of best and most talented people from all over the world. This keeps improving my knowledge, sense of aesthetics and skills in the most important thing in my life, right after my family.
Total dedication and full commitment resulted in kind words of representatives in this “industry” and has convinced me to build up this website to display my portfolio to the wider internet community. Hope you like it too.